Unbound Sound

Sun Ra Arkestra

‘The possible has been tried and failed. Now it's time to try the impossible.’ ~ Sun Ra

The half-century reign of afrofuturism pioneer and cosmic jazzologist Sun Ra has undoubtedly shaped music's modern-day climate – from jazz, soul and hip hop, all the way to techno. Now, his legacy lives on through his ‘Intergalactic Arkestra'. With 30+ musicians altogether, the Arkestra trained and toured with Sun Ra until the very end of his life in 1993 – and continue to play his revolutionary music to this day under the direction of alto-saxophonist and longtime Sun Ra collaborator, Marshall Allen.

Marshall Allen, as Musical Director of the Arkestra, is now in his 60th year of continuous activity within the Arkestra. Marshall has been in the Sun Ra Arkestra 23 years longer than Sun Ra himself. In Spring 2019 Marshall Allen will turn 95 years young, an incredible achievement which the Arkestra are celebrating with an unforgettable European tour. As the final show of this special tour, the Arkestra will be making their first ever visit to the city of Oxford as OddBall’s interstellar headliner.



JFB is a uniquely talented DJ and definitely an artist to look out for. His successes have been from taking his superb technical ability on the turntables and adapting these skills to whatever environment he finds himself in. Whether its a Nightclub, Festival or Bar, he will entertain the crowd by covering all musical genres from Hiphop, Funk, Dubstep, Glitch Hop, Trap, Swing, Breakbeat and Drum & Bass with his own ‘JFB’ style.

Few other artists have been at the forefront of turntabilism in a party environment than Brighton’s very own JFB, a scratch DJ and party rocker extraordinaire who has won the UK DMC Championships in 2007, 2011 and 2015, plus he was a Red Bull Thre3style European Wildcard Champion in 2016! He has also been affiliated with brands such as Pioneer DJ, Serato, Rane, Reloop & DJ City.

JFB fully understands how to make a dancefloor shake. This is an artist who’s fully immersed in bass culture and many of the tunes you will hear him spin, will be his own special edits, remixes & exclusives. He has performed at the Breakspoll awards & the DnB Arena awards as a special guest, with his nostalgic DNB routine getting massive respect from the community.


Dutty Moonshine

Dutty Moonshine is currently skyrocketing to success with his 14 piece act; The Dutty Moonshine Big Band. He built a huge fan base via DJ-ing across 4 continents with his take on fusing vintage sounds with modern day bass music. While he doesn’t DJ that much these days due to the band that just makes it that extra special if you get a chance to catch him at it. The 1st half of his sets are heavy bass laden sets using Jazz/Swing/Blues to tie it all together. The 2nd half is usually ruthless bass lengers.

Tiger Mendoza

Tiger Mendoza is the alias of the producer/remixer/multi-instrumentalist Ian De Quandros. Following the release of the Hope Sick EP in 2009, Tiger Mendoza has release a number of EPS and albums as well as producing remixes for artists and bands including Public Enemy, DJ Shadow (who he also supported), and Little Red. Live shows are a shapeshifting beast, based around massive breaks, bass, and, more than anything else, energy.

His most recent releases, Old Ideas 1 and 2, released in 2017 and 2018 respectively were an attempt at trying to deal with personal and national events over the last 2 years and involved collaborations with a number of friends, old and new, from the Oxford Music scene including Kid Kin, Luke from Daisy, Asher Dust and a track with rapper / poet Pierquin which earned a spot in Nightshift’s tracks of the year 2017.

You could sum up Tiger Mendoza as an accident – but a happy accident. The music is an attempt to create great songs with beats, guitars and whatever other sounds and nonsense happened to wander past at the time.


Flights of Helios

“The missing link between ‘Von’-era Sigur Ros and the more experimental leanings of Explosions In The Sky.” - Drowned in Sound

“A brilliant melange of catchy vocal lines and droning, grunge fuzz a la F-ck Buttons. A thing of beauty.” - The Line of Best Fit (track premiere for ‘Factory’single)

Flights of Helios are a space rock/drone-folk band based in Oxford, UK. Following a run of single releases including ‘Succubus’ and ‘Factory’, they released their debut album ‘Endings’ in February 2018.

Flights of Helios blend timeless folk themes with their own ruminations on the natural and supernatural worlds, and using innovative vocal processing and expansive post rock arrangements create a musical landscape truly their own. Musically they’re inspired by both future-channeling artists (e.g. Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Pink Floyd, Joy Division) and those weaving traditional music into new forms (The Unthanks, Sheila Chandra, Fairport Convention). Spiritually they’re still processing festival nights of young adulthood spent floating at the end of their airlines; the unifying thread in the Flights of Helios sound is the search for a return to those liberated, head-spinning times.


Art Theefe

Art Theefe are consummate creators of classic music: truly great songs, played by a quintessential trio of bass, drums and guitar, but one which also belies a searing versatility.

With the intense emotion of The Swell Season’s Glen Hansard or Jeff Buckley, the layered guitars of Fleetwood Mac and the heartfelt soul of Van Morrison; the care-worn keening of John Martyn, to the ragged mastery of the Stones at their peak: theirs is a thrilling confluence of influences.


Chief Mixalot b2b Audio Gypsy

“Originating from the underground free party scene and part of the notorious Farmyard Animals and Discobobulated Generation soundsystems, Chief Mixalot and Audio Gypsy are now thriving in the scene under the Elevation Crew alias. Famous for delivering an unheard combination of pure vibes and unexpected mashups, these boys ceratainly know how to get you dancing! Expect to get lost in a world of naughty basslines, with influences from swing to reggae and full of FLAVOUR!

Listen on mixcloud

DJ Cosmic Vortex

DJ Cosmic Vortex started off doing some dj-ing at Byron Bay FM in 2003 whilst running a love studio and gallery in Byron, Australia. He describes his art and music as synaesthetic: sounds cascade through visual designs in a symbiotic way. He has been balancing art exhibitions with music events ever since then, and is planning an event with our partners The Psychedelic Society in London later this summer.

Listen on mixcloud

Drones Over Keyham

Drones Over Keyham are the world’s first all-girl 808 + 303 + Punk Rock band. They somehow capture the spirit of ‘67, ‘77 and ‘88 all at the same time. Their influences are Shamanism, David Lynch and Loose Women.

‘Weird with a capital W, but we love weird... Fresh find of the week’ - BBC Introducing.


Fire Healer

The smoke through the trees and the sound of tripped out psychedelic voodoo tribal beats, Mandolin, organ and voice!
Fire Healer is the solo project of musician Jo Chapman from Oxford, England. This project was created to provide a flexible and relatively portable creative space.
Jo uses a loop pedal to loop percussion & bass sounds, overlaying organ, synth, electric mandolin, voice, and more.
Jo is sometimes joined live on sitar by Jack Hally.


Iain Ross

Throughout his schizophrenic back catalogue of fractured alter-egos Iain Ross encapsulates our struggle to find meaning in an age of information where temporal distance has collapsed the space between eras, styles, genres and technologies and rendered them aesthetic tools in the palette of expression. In this post-sampling reality where our present contains all time Iain has explored process and medium ranging from the pelvic thrust of transistor overdriven guitars and tape saturation to the icy peaks of non-real time code-based digital synthesis to warm organic looping and transcendent minimalism. Whatever aspect of his/our psyche is present expect a unique and unforgettable performance.

Jali Fily Cissokho

Senegalese master musician and inspirational praise singer, Jali Fily Cissokho plays the 21 string West African kora (harp/lute) and comes from a family of musicians whose skills and traditions have been passed down from generation to generation. But as a citizen of the 21st Century, he combines tradition with the rhythms of the present and future, creating a unique natural musical blend that spans centuries and continents. His performances range from solo traditional Mande music and song to rocking electro-kora with his Coute Diomboulou Band.

He has also performed on David Attenborough's BBC TV Documentary 'Elephants' for composer Will Gregory (of 'Goldfrapp' fame), and more recently for AR Rahman, composer of the score for 'Slumdog Millionaire’.


Horton Jupiter

Horton Jupiter is a DJ of broad range, predominantly dance music in its all forms, with psychedelic spectacles.

He has been making mixtapes since age 9, and did his first tape edit (of The Human League) 2 yrs later, 30 years before he'd even HEARD of DJ Harvey or Tom Moulton!

From 1989 horton spent 7 years playing hypnotic techno & psychedelic breaks in the London underground, 4 playing Krautrock at Club Kosmische, 11 years fronting wild Erisian pop outfit They Came From The Stars I Saw Them, and 5 years running legendary underground dances Puwaba and PHONOMANCY.

Horton recently put out an e.p. of kosmische edits on BAHNSTEIG XXIII, is working towards starting his own label, and is currently planning to immanantize the eschaton.

MUSIC POLICY: Cosmic / Hypnotic / Electric / Eclectic / Balearic / Disco / Adelic / FUN

Listen on mixcloud


Concocting lysergic voyages tunnelling deep into your cranium, Jeramesa combine elements of krautrock, neo-psychedelia, Indian ragas, and progressive rock to induce a free flowing hypnotic state of jazzy ego-death.



Self-described as ‘super-sonic excursions’, Knobblehead are an Oxford-based seven-piece psychedelic cacophony of tambourine enthusiasts.

Love Foundation

Love Foundation is an open network of artists and activists, who together organise projects to spread love, connect people and fundraise money for water development projects in Kenya with our partners Viva con Agua and Simavi. Love Foundation DJs will be spinning love-infused beats at OddBall.



For Dave Boote, aka Re:Boote, spinning records is a family tradition. Heavily influenced by a misspent youth listening to Punk, Metal and playing Trance at underground parties, RE:BOOTE is a chameleon of styles made of years of chasing big sound. Nowadays, he'll fluently blend Old Skool D&B crowd pleasers in the darkness of a dirty club with the smooth funky fresh beats best grooved to in the sunshine.

RE:BOOTE'S sets are full to the brim of unbridled enthusiasm; he will have you shook with adrenaline, will make you lose your shit and have your skin peppered with goosebumps.


Resonant Freq

Resonant Freq started mixing as a teenager, drawn to hip hop and breakbeat as his weapons of choice. 20 years down the line, and delving deeper into an ever expanding selection of bass heavy genres, he showcases a selection of neural nudges across the BPM spectrum, through drum and bass, glitch hop, midtempo, bass house, and all things that wobble.


Rohini (aka Rael Guerrero) is a classically-trained guitarist, song writer, music producer, and DJ from Orizaba, Mexico, now based in London, UK. Inspired by the holistic and shamanic properties of sound, he creates eclectic sonic landscapes that incorporate his self-crafted healing instrument—the Gaiatri Singing Pipes.

For the past few years Rohini has been collaborating with tabla maestro Aref Durvesh (Nitin Sawhney, Sting, Jeff Beck), most recently on their album Explorers. At OddBall Rohini will be showcasing tracks from Explorers live for the first time, as well as some of his solo work, with a full line-up of musicians.


Sonâmbulo had its first gig in 2013 at the very special occasion of the screening of ‘In Search of Blind Joe Death’ (the documentary about John Fahey) at the Deptford Town Hall. Sonambulo plays cosmic noise punk with acoustic-only instruments as harmonium, tanpura, clarinet and stroviol. Juvenile nihilism with spiritual subtlety. What if Alice Coltrane and her band were immigrant punks?

Cosmic Dreamsmiths

Lara Fairy Love and the Wellfairies

You’ll be entertained and cared for by the legendary Lara Fairy Love and The Naughty Fire Fairy Family. Your Love Patrol will dispense water, soul smudging, and raw food energy balls! We will facilitate salutions to the sun, pelvis cleansing yoga, and create your space from our core place of Love and Beauty. Lara Fairy Love is a Mother, Lover, Author, Artist, Facilitator, and Activator of world Peace and Love.

Fire Hooping — Becky Blackwell

Check out the fire hooping show from Becky Blackwell! Becky has been hulahooping for over 10 years. She teaches hula hooping across Oxfordshire and further afield. She regularly performs with a fire hula hoop and an LED hoop at festivals, Cabaret nights, and private events.

Oxfordshire Drag Collective

A fierce collective of Oxford-based drag performers, serving you variety, diversity, and creativity. This jaw-dropping group of dragins are here to show you that there are many ways to be queer and they are all fabulous. This group has been formed to foster new drag talent in Oxford in an inclusive and welcoming environment.

So far we have heard rumours of puppet monsters, drag queen black holes, and the story of ‘Mad Mike Hughes as he tries to reach the heavens to prove the Earth is flat’, as well as Terrible Tarot.

Handbalancing Contortion — Rosie Burr

Rosie is a professional Hand balancing contortionist based in Oxford. She comes from an Acrobatic gymnastics background and competed for Great Britain, achieving British Champion, International Champion, and European Medalist Titles. She now performs professionally at events and teach people handstands and contortion. You OddBalls are in for a real treat ….


Shibari — Astrid and Florian

Astrid and Florian are seasoned shibari artists, and have been running workshops and even giving university talks for 20 years between them. They will be leading an introductory shibari (tying people with rope) workshop, ‘Showing You the Ropes: Learn How to Tie Each Other Safely and Beautifully’, for up to 20 participants, in pairs. Astonish and impress your friends with highly relevant real-life skills gained in this renowned city of higher learning. In true Oxford style, we will include a segment on theory, safety, materials, communication, consent, and aesthetics. Then we will move on to hands-on practise, including a segment on ichinawa (one-rope technique). It will be followed by a short open rope jam, for you to try out your new skills. You are BOUND to have a good time!

Energy and Sound Healing—Amanda and Aron

Amanda and Aron have been offering healing sessions together for nearly a year. Through their passion for meditation, well-being, and love for community, they have tailored a unique healing experience by combining the powerful energy of Sound, Guided meditation, and Reiki. Receiving healing from two people at once can enhance the amount of positive energy you receive. When experiencing a session with both Aron and Amanda at the same time, you’ll receive Reiki channelled by both Feminine and Masculine—contributing towards balance of mind, body, and soul.

Aerial Arts — Anna Sloan

With a rare opportunity to hang her aerial equipment from a tree on site, AnnA will be spinning, swinging, and telling you the tale of… come and find out! Founder of AfreakA Aerials Creative Circus at OXSRAD Sport Centre in Marston, AnnA is passionate about physical theatre and delivering narratives using the tools of aerial arts.

Acro Yoga — Oxfordshire Acro Yoga Society

The Oxfordshire Acro Yoga Society is an amateur group of acrobats. For Oxford Psychedelic Society’s OddBall we have created a compact routine called ‘Psychedelic Flow’, which incorporates awe-inspiring yoga poses in the air connected by graceful flowing movements. We will also throw in some of our bigger moves outside the main routine, as space and time allows. So look out for flying yogi people above you!

Bullshit Mystic — Hailey Anne

See into the twisted reality of your future through the mystical and authoritative divination of the bullshit tarot deck. The prophetic power of these cards, each marked with bizarre, revelatory, and senseless imagery, will be harnessed by a clairvoyant renowned for a lifelong proliferation of bullshit. Hailey will tune her third eye to a higher plane to uncover the nonsensical shambles that is your past, present, and future.


Spirit Mediumship:
Altered States, Locality, Creativity, and Communion with Entities

This will be a discussion between three spirit channelers: Oxford’s own Raga Woods, who will speak to us about the local Sheela-na-gug, and her experiences regarding her; John Crow from London Southbank, speaking about his discovery of the graveyard of the Outcast, Crossbones, lysergic channeling, and his communion with ‘The Goose’, a medieval sex-worker; and Nikki Wyrd, editor of the Pyshcedelic Press journal and one of the authors of ‘The Book of Baphoment’, a god embodying and representing the sum total of present life.

Host: Mark Juhan

Knife Crime Debate: And You Too, Brutus?

Julius Caesar (knifed to death by his own Senators) was belatedly shocked by the scale of Rome’s Knife Crime problem. But he couldn’t have imagined the extent of our modern Knife Crime ‘Epidemic’ which in recent years has spread through society like a fireball. Knife crime is at record levels and threatens all of us.

Parallel-YOUniversity at OddBall, with the help of its Audience and Panel will explore, discuss and debate the Real Causes and Realistic Solutions of this ‘epidemic’ in our usual politically incorrect way.

Host: Jeff ‘GoodJeff’ Laster

Sacraments, Medicines, or Schizotoxins?

This will be a discussion about psychedelics in contemporary society, featuring David King, a medical psychedelics researcher, Lindsay Jordan, a philosopher of education, and Stephen Reid, founder of The Psychedelic Society

Host: Mark Juhan

Free Speech Debate: The Sounds of Silence

“I may Disapprove of What You Say but I will Defend to the Death your Right to Say It.” ~ Voltaire

Yet in recent times, from Campuses (No Platforming) to Theatre and Film, from Facebook to Twitter, from Radio/Television to Cartoons, many prominent UK thinkers from all sides of the spectrum have been censored due to having views that diverge from the Mainstream...

Is this censorship justified? Should people be ‘shaddapped’ for their views just because they disagree with the majority and the mainstream? Should so called ‘Snowflakes’ get their way No Platforming people who disagree with them?

Parallel-YOUniversity at OddBall, with the help of you the Audience and Panelists will explore, discuss and debate this complex issue in all its aspects in a politically incorrect manner…

Host: Jeff ‘GoodJeff’ Laster

More to be announced…


Jeff ‘GoodJeff’ Laster
Jeff is creator and host of Talk events at Parrallel-YOUniversity, The Warp Experience, and Synergy Project. He has worked in the CounterCulture since the late Sixties.

Mark Juhan
Mark graduated in Theology & Religious Studies from Pembroke College, Oxford and has just completed a masters Religion and Society at St John’s, Durham. He has been a lay chaplain and is currently applying for a doctorate in psychedelic theology. He is interested in the relationship between drugs and culture, specifically the potential of augmenting religion with ritual entheogenesis.

Travel Info

London to Oxford

For those travelling from London, getting to Oxford, only 62 miles away, is easy and there's a variety of routes you can take:

By Trains
Trains leave for Oxford Station regularly from both Paddington and Marylebone Stations. The journey takes about an hour.

By Bus
The Oxford Tube is a very popular way to get to Oxford by bus. The company runs buses 24 hours a day. They leave London Victoria Coach Station every ten to 15 minutes, throughout the day and have frequently scheduled departures throughout the night. The trip takes about an hour and 40 minutes.
The Oxford Tube has pick-up points from multiple stops in London (Marble Arch, Notting Hill, Shepards Bush, and Hillingdon). The fare costs just £9 one way or £15 for period round-trip. There are multiple trip deals, as well as student, senior and child fares available.

By Car
Oxford is 62 miles northwest of London via the M4, M25, M40 and A roads. It takes about an hour and a half to drive.
If you do drive, bear in mind there is no parking at the venue itself. Parking availability in Oxford city centre varies. We suggest parking at Thornhill Park and Ride, located 15 mins from Oxford City Centre.

Oxford City Centre to Isis Farmhouse

The Isis Farmhouse stands out on an Island of meadows as the River Isis (the main tributary of the Thames) meanders past the village of Iffley and South out of Oxford past Sandford. Access is via the riverside towpath, by either bicycle or foot. Or boat, of course.
The riverside route (walking ¾ hr, cycling ½ hr)From Carfax tower, go down St. Aldates to the Head of the River Pub. Cross Folly Bridge and take a left after Salter’s Steamers, onto the riverside Towpath. Walk downriver (due South 2km), past the boat houses, eventually under the Donnington Bridge and the Isis Farmhouse will be on your right, just before Iffley Lock.
The direct (but still relatively scenic) route (20 min cycle, ½ hr bus / cab)-- Via Iffley Rd
From Carfax go down the high street, over Magdalen bridge, 3rd turning at the Plane roundabout down the Iffley Road, past the Magdalen Arms until the bus stop outside the Co-op and Balkan lodge hotel. Turn right at the traffic lights towards Donnington bridge. If you are coming by car, get out at the City of Oxford Rowing Club car park just before the bridge on the left. Walk over Donnington bridge then immediately left down the footpath to reach the riverside towpath; follow this downriver for several hundred metres – the Farmhouse is unmissable and situated just before Iffley Lock.
-- Via Abingdon Rd
From Carfax travel down St. Aldates, past the Police station and Head of the River pub, over Folly bridge and along the Abingdon road, passing Hinksey Pool on your right until you reach Cowmead allotments on the left (Get off the bus here). Turn left down Donnington bridge road and take the steep footpath just before the bridge to arrive onto the Riverside towpath. Turn right downriver and the Isis Farmhouse is shortly before Iffley Lock.

We encourage all guests to consider their carbon footprint and share rides / use public transport (Oxford buses run hybrid engines) where possible. We shall, however, be running a shuttle/party-bus service from town. More information to follow!

The OddBall Committee

Lucian Wong

Lead Organiser

Lucian is currently finishing a doctorate at the University of Oxford on Hindu devotion (bhakti) and spiritual transformation. During his time as a student, Lucian has developed the remarkable ability to do anything but his PhD. This year he has found himself serving as the Oxford Psychedelic Society’s "Healing Officer", organising events centred on providing experiences that nurture our movement toward Wholeness. He sees the OddBall as a natural extension of this work.

"OddBall is a truly collaborative effort on the part of Oxford students and the local community’s wealth of artists, freaks, and glorious oddities. It is an exciting and much needed opportunity to transcend the divide between “town and gown” that characterises our city. In a spirit of both reverence and reverie, OddBall is a celebration of our common humanity. We are all in this together. So let us dance!"

Chloe Benson

Voice of Reason

Chloe Benson is a single mother of two children aged 10 and 14.
Local to Oxfordshire, she is currently studying herbal medicine and has a keen and passionate interest in the use of psychedelics for therapeutic purposes, and a deep respect, love and fascination with their ancient and spiritual ritualistic uses.

"I have always one foot in the music and party scene in oxford and have been lucky enough to have had close friends at the forefront of various set ups which has enabled me to be a part of some pretty amazing things including what we are doing now with the Oddball!!! Lucian and I are very close friends, as am I with the rest of his family. The idea for the event came about one night in the kitchen at his sister Sarada's house when we were discussing how amazing it would be to have an "anti ball" so to speak. A student ball that was open to everyone and didn’t cost the Earth. Something that would bridge the gap between the weird and wonderful people of oxford that we are lucky enough to call our friends!! Many of them students, many of them not, that and of course we needed to do something because Lucian had booked Sun Ra Arkestra, his favourite band, and we were starting to think having a 12 piece Intergalactic jazz band playing just for us In His living room would be a bit weird!!! And so the Oddball was born!"

Dot/Kakusa Metsutora

Omega Bitch

Dot is an alien human hybrid forged in the heart of a binary sun. They are polynomial & retrograde & very fond of cake. They founded Psychedelic Circus, a loose collection of strange beings who created the blueprint for Oddball in 3 amazing nights between 2015-2017

"Dot hopes that the lift back to their original constellation will materialise during the night and whisk them away to a galactic paradise"

Raga Woods

Spiritual Advisor

Raga Woods is a veteran of Twyford Down, lived in an Ashram when it was still cool, and founded Gingerbread, an single-parent support group in the 80s. Her current work revolves around the Sheela na Gig, a mystical pagan figure who invites you to love the CUNT.

"I hope The OddBall will be a chance to introduce lots of young people to the Sheela and faciliate new connections to our deeper selves."

Thomas Pak

Safety Officer

Thomas Pak is a DPhil student in Mathematics at the University of Oxford. He got involved with the Oxford Psychedelic Society early on and is the current Secretary of the Society. His role as Safety Officer is to ensure that the necessary safety precautions are taken and that any issues during the event are dealt with effectively.

"The fact that there is a student club at the University of Oxford dedicated to psychedelics is already quite strange, but holding a day-long festival celebrating psychedelic culture in Oxford brings it to a whole new level. I think the OddBall is going to be bizarre and weird in the best possible way."

Phoebe Bright


Phoebe Bright is a 22-year-old millenial sell-out studying Digital Sociology at Oxford University. She is responsible for OddBall Festival's social media and press communications.

"OddBall is a day-event daydreamed by wonderful, whimsical, carnival spirits. And it is growing into something very odd indeed. Stepping inside the mushroom ring, you find a world populated by pagan peaimans, agile acrobats, cosmic trombonists, psy-trance sitarists, philosophers, poetesses and performance artists. At the moment i'm a Facebook Faerie and my delicate frame is straining to shoulder the delightful monstrosity we are making. I feel honoured to be part of this magical world."

Samantha Wadham

Samantha Wadham perceives a woven inspiration behind her striking sculptural lighting. Her designs are not merely decorative, but narrative devices. Giving a contemporary twist to floral imagery, Samantha creates art for the home using the metaphors and meanings of flowers, through different materials and media including paper, spray paints, pens and with striking effect, 3D metalwork. Samantha has created a new collection of design focusing on the power of charkas, entwining with her first collection to tell a bigger story.

"Spreading the message of love and light vibes, something I feel very strong about as a person and artist. Being part of Oddball Festival has been an amazing experience, working with quirky, beautiful souls to bring the Oxford community together through art and music. "

Ziggy Jinda

Ziggy is one of the founders of House of Delphi, your friendly neighbourhood art commune. She
supports the Young Women’s Music Project and appears here and there in the Oxford psychedelic music scene. Though busy behind the curtains, Ziggy shall also be frolicking around with merry moon folk at OddBall. Her task is to set the precedent for the atmosphere, delight spaces with folk tunes and be tricksy.

"Though my time in oxford hasn’t been long, the friends I have made are everlasting. What better way to break the elitist Oxford bubble than to host a ball dedicated to equality, free love and free spirit. The people involved are from all backgrounds and experiences- all connected by appreciation of beauty. What a wonderful project to work in!"

Matt Smart


Matt is a sculptor and installation artist. He works in bioresin, fibreglass, molehills and clothes.
Matt makes many of Oddball’s sculptures, and décor.
He is published in psychiatry. In an archaeology team he found two saints in a Russian forest.
Art is thought made manifest, most things are metaphors, We have choice, do what you like. The works reflect aspirations, the earth as a layered record creating and growing from the layers we tread, the continuum between facts and history, truth and beauty, and emotional and physical circularity and transcendence. www.MattSmart.org Insta: @mattsmartart

"Oddball is loaded. It grew from nothing, as quick and connective as mycelium. Oddball is what an event should be. Oxford was in desperate need of something as creative, thoughtful and daring as happens in London or Bristol. Oddball flicks that switch. It’s on. We need this. So do you."

Dave Boote

Dave is a Production Engineer by day and DJ and/or VJ by night. For Dave Boote, aka Re:Boote, spinning records is a family tradition. When he’s not on the decks though you’ll usually find him behind the computer, managing the visuals…Dave is the founder of MicroDot Visuals and the one responsible for bringing the music to life with projection mapping, music synced visuals and psychedelic décor.

Claire Hewitt

Projection Mapping

Claire is a full time Marketing manager for a lingerie company… boobs are her speciality! She’s also the better half of Dave Boote and team member of MicroDot Visuals. Being a techy geek she’s the one responsible for mapping out shapes and creating mesmerising, spatial augmented reality. Claire can transform any object into a screen, creating an experience that will make eyes pop and hearts stop.

"Oddball will be everything you can imagine and nothing you’ve ever considered, it is going to be weird and wonderful. You’ll be shocked and amazed… The production meeting was an experience in itself and set the tone for the whole event, in the most wonderfully strange way. Oddball is not just an event it’s an experience and one I think everyone and anyone should be part of."

John Sandford O'Neill

Music Officer

John fires stupidly powerful lasers into weird materials and studies the chaotic mess created by his experiments. He has inexplicably got away with making this the topic of his PhD in Engineering at the University of Oxford. John's role at the OddBall is to fire stupidly powerful beats directly into your ears, which will form a crucial part of the glorious OddBall experiment.

"I honestly could not be more excited to be working on the OddBall. I think we are just at the beginning - this is going to be BIG. I'm lucky enough to straddle the strange interface between town and gown in this weird little city, but much more can be done to bridge the gap between the local community and the student population. What better way to bring people together than a shared love of the Odd."

Leon Stiles

Stage Manager

Although my first time with Oddball its not my first time stage managing. Previously I worked with Its All About The Music where I would make sure to collect bands ticket money, check bands knew where to keep their stuff. Make sure bands got on stage and off stage on time at O2 Academy gigs. I've recently started my own promotion as Dancingman Promotions https://www.facebook.com/DancingmanPromotions.

"The Isis Farmhouse is a nice venue next to the river with a huge back garden and has great festivals."

Lukas Sonnenberg

Bar/Tech Stage

Lukas currently reads for an MPhil in European Politics and Society and is part of the House of Delphi. Over the past years, Lukas has built and worked for two international NGOs, focusing on alternative fundraising events, such as social art festivals and club nights across the globe. So he is teaming-up with Franziska & Lucian to work on the financial structure and our profit-donations to charitable projects. Additionally, he will be managing the bar/tech stage, thus bringing over some friends from the Love Foundation in Amsterdam, Berlin and Dreseden to get you guys stomping across the floor!

"So many passioante and lovely people coming together to work for a vision of a truly incredible event! I am so stoked and happy to have found a bunch wonderful people, keen to offer Oxford an alternative music and arts event."

Alex O'Bryan-Tear


Alex founded the Oxford Psychedelic Society two years ago as a space to bring together anyone interested in the science and culture of psychedelics. He is currently running the entertainment tent at OddBall.

"Back when this started, I could never have imagined it would be staging an event of this scope so soon! So many passionate and talented people have come out of the woodwork to make this happen, and I'm honoured to be working with them, putting together all the non-musical entertainment. That means art, sideshows, surprise theatre, talks, circus, debates, poetry, workshops, and other curiosities too strange to describe... What started as an alternative to the overpriced and stuffy Oxford May Balls has rapidly grown into a huge one-day festival, just so we can pack in all the amazing performers and creators that want to join us."

Jeff Laster


Jeff GoodJeff Laster is an original Weatherman, was involved in incorporating epic 24 hour play The Warp (based on the Illuminatus! books) into clubbing culture in London in the 90s and continues to host talks and discussions around contnetious issues.

Mark Juhan


Mark's educational background is in Theology (Pembroke, Oxford) and the anthropology of religion (St John's Durham). He has given talks at Breaking Convention and Beyond Psychedelics. He also founded the Durham Psychedelic society during his masters year. HIs interests lie in the discourse-bending nature of psychedelic writing - sobjectifying the ubjective etc - and in religious syncretism and orthodoxy belief. His poetry has just been published in Psychedelic Press.

"I'm an entheogen enthusiast – not only because these have the same etymology, and not only because I’m a pretentious horror story, but because these plant practices could hold one of the keys key to our future: if it is to be a future religious tolerance, syncretic openness and the moral enhancement of society."

Ken Ishikawa

Non-food Stalls / Merchandise

Ken Ishikawa, Psychedelic President of Oxford Psychedelic Society for the academic year 2018/9, is an oversea DPhil student from Japan at Oxford University specialising in the archaeology of religion and ritual in Early Historic South Asia. Representing the revolutionary OPS committee 2018/9, he has been credited with newly registering OPS as a non-sport student society of Oxford University, commissioning controversially yet meaningfully trippy OPS merchandise and organising OPS academic lectures. For The OddBall, he is responsible for non-food stalls, OddBall merchandise, the OPS stall and the live painting by Pinky Vision.

"The OddBall encapsulates the local lively and synergetic psychedelic scene in Oxford, where psychedelic science meets psychedelia, town and gown becomes ying and yang and the indigenous goddess turn into manifest as Mother Earth of inclusivism. We humans need to co-exist with other sencient beings and co-evolve with the nature - The OddBall would be a special unique opportunity to collectively envision our future – ‘be here now’ of the previous hippie generation is not enough!"

Richard David O'Rourke


I'm an artist who tries to understand the world we live in the best I can. I'm always searching for answers through positive interactions within this precious, sealed biosphere we share together. If you would like the opportunity to get your organisation's name sponsored through the event please contact me through www.rdorourke.com before Monday 20th May. Peace and love xx

"Bringing together people from around the globe to celebrate peace, love and humanity in Oxford."

Franziska Felicitas

Finance Officer

Sarada Wong


Gregg Bayes-Brown

Publicity Officer

Justine G Gens (June)

Local Promoter

Patrick Mannion

Myra Stuart


Edward Macdonald

Environmental Officer

Maryam Gohari

Environmental Officer

Drug Policy

OddBall operates under a strict no drugs policy. There will be no substances beyond alcohol for sale on site, and we strongly encourage those coming to the festival to not bring anything with them to OddBall.

While the event is organised under the auspices of the Oxford Psychedelic Society, and has partnered with a number of other organisations that promote the research and better understanding of psychedelic substances and their therapeutic potential, we - like any other festival or event - are still subject to UK law.

There will be searches in operation on the gate, both to prevent drugs being brought into the festival and to ensure your safety. Anyone found carrying illegal substances, weapons, or anything that can be used to graffiti the festival will be barred entry. There will also be security in operation throughout the festival, and anyone caught using or selling substances will be ejected from the festival and may be subject to prosecution.

We also realise that a zero tolerance policy - as seen in other festivals and society at large - does not work. There will be talks and advice on drug safety and harm reduction on site, as well as a wellness tent where anyone who has taken anything can find support.

OddBall has partnered with The Psychedelic Society and PsyCare UK to provide assistance and support on site.

Artwork by the amazing Victoria Topping